Looking for a professional photographer in Scandinavia?

Thanks for stopping by my website. I hope you like the images....

I am an experienced freelance commercial / industrial photographer based at the beautiful Oxholm Manor in the northern part of Denmark and with a satellite base in Copenhagen. My photographic work is equally split between studio assignments and shooting on location, serving clients in a wide range of industries with modern imagery.

I got my formal training as a photographer in the UK, at the Faculty of Art & Design, Derby University back in the previous millennium, and left with an honours degree in photography. I am now embarking on my third decade in professional photography...

I find creating images for companies and organisations gives me great satisfaction, knowing that the end result helps them communicate effectively is highly motivating, and also somewhat addictive… and I get to meet and work with all sorts of people, traveling around Denmark and Scandinavia as part of my job.

My workflow is calibrated and purely digital, delivering ready-to-use imagefiles via FTP or online hosting, including any alterations, retouch or digital montage the job at hand may require. I pride myself of being a speedy and proficient professional with a trustworthy reputation in a variety of sectors, including construction, corporate, editorial/advertorial, product and advertising photography and even occasionally venturing into video.

If your assignment requires photography in Denmark or anywhere else in the Scandinavian region I will be very happy to discuss it with you. The airport is only 20 minutes away from here and highspeed ferries to Norway and Sweden are reached in less than an hour... just call me or drop me a line.